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Seeing the light



For some people, ‘chucking out the chintz’ was just an advertising slogan, but for Tim Scannell, it has helped him save over £100 a year on his energy bills.

Since signing up for L&Q’s EnergySave project, Tim’s seen the light – quite literally. Without net curtains and with the blinds pulled right up, daylight can flood into his home in Kenton, west London. Now he can read or watch television without switching the lights on. “I realise now that I had been going about the house on autopilot,” Tim says. “I would turn on lights automatically as I entered a room but not turn them off again, and I would leave the TV on in a room I wasn’t using.” He hadn’t realised just how much money he could save by making some small changes about his home. But once he signed up for a visit from one of our EnergySave experts, there was no stopping him. The first thing the expert did was to give Tim low-energy bulbs for every room and a gadget to help him track his energy consumption. He also suggested that Tim should have draught excluders fitted throughout his home.

“Then, when I logged on to the EnergySave website to submit my first meter reading,” Tim says, “I realised there was so much more I could be doing that would easily cut my bills.” He’s now trimmed almost a fifth off his bills. Hot water was one of the areas he looked at. Now he boils only as much as he needs each time, rather than filling the kettle. “I also turned down the thermostat on my boiler – I don’t need the water to be scalding, so now the boiler works a bit less hard when I take a shower,” Tim says. “I’ve also seen that my clothes come out just as clean if I wash them at 30º as they do at 40º.” Tim’s convinced his sons to use less energy too. “My six-year-old has been quick to pick up these new habits,” Tim says. “For him, it’s just a game, but I know I’m making massive savings.”

Sign up for EnergySave

 EnergySave is our project to help residents cut their gas and electricity bills. Now into its second year, the project has helped almost 5,000 households. So far, our energy experts have been visiting L&Q residents across London and the South East. They’ve also responded to residents who have got in touch directly for help. Residents have saved an average of £132 on their utility bills over a year – mostly through small changes to their routines. To start things off, energy experts leave a free monitoring welcome pack and some energysaving equipment. Residents can then register to see who can make the most savings – with prizes awarded to top performers. We’re working our way round the areas we cover – but if you would like to sign up now or simply want to find out more, visit our EnergySave website, www.lqenergysave.org.uk

"I would turn on lights as I entered a room but not turn them off again, and I would leave the TV on in a room I wasn’t using.