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Cutting costs



EnergySave is helping residents save money on their fuel bills each and every month. We have seen some residents cut their energy bills by more than half.

Ira Dandolas, from Wembley, was one of three £40 winners in August’s EnergySave contest. Living in a one-bedroom flat with her partner, she was using an average of 6.7 units of electricity a day. This was the equivalent of £1.10 a day – or £400 per year. She realised how much she could save simply by changing some of her habits. During the first couple of weeks of taking part in EnergySave, Ira halved the amount of electricity she was using. If she continues this way, she could save as much as £220 on her electricity bill over a year. “I’m going to use the system online to make sure my consumption stays as low as possible,” she says. “It’s silly to waste electricity when it’s so easy to save!” The advantage of EnergySave is that it adapts to the individual. Ira found three things in particular worked for her.

Ira’s top savings tips

Turning off at the wall – Using the energy saver device means appliances are switched off at the mains and not left on standby. This is a gadget the EnergySave team will give you for free when you sign up. “These devices work wonders. I can switch off my TV, DVD and stereo all in one go. This saves the hassle of turning them all off individually.”

Using energy-saving bulbs – Replacing old-fashioned bulbs with the new energy-saving bulbs is an easy way to save money. They also last a lot longer.

Washing clothes at lower temperatures – Modern washing detergents mean you can get great results even at low temperatures. “I used to wash my whites at 90°C, but I realised that 30°C is just as good and saves a lot of electricity.”

Getting started with British Gas

L&Q’s EnergySave team have been working with British Gas to create training opportunities for young residents.

There are currently five L&Q residents taking part in the 32-week Get Started programme at the British Gas Training Academy. If they pass all the assessments, at the end of the course they will be qualified Gas Safe engineers. Currently halfway through the course, we are pleased to say that the trainees are well on the way to achieving their qualifications. We spoke to Jack, one of the trainees currently working through the programme. “I decide to apply for the course because it is a great opportunity with a solid career at the end. A typical day involves servicing boilers and learning to overcome all the hurdles that I come across. I am so lucky to have this opportunity and I’d like to thank L&Q for the chance to be part of British Gas!” Keep a look out for more opportunities coming up in the near future. You can keep updated with the latest news on our website, www.lqgroup.org.uk, or by ‘liking’ the L&Q Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ londonandquadrant