L&Q Energy Save

Environmental Policy

1. Background

1.1 L&Q is the largest housing association in London and the South East and one of the largest residential property developers in the capital. We recognise the significant environmental impact a company our size has. As an ethically responsible and commercially disciplined organisation, we know that being less wasteful means we can invest more into creating places where people want to live.

1.2 The term ‘environment’ refers to the resource base which supports all of our activities. The environment provides us with:

  • Raw materials i.e. bricks to build our homes
  • Direct utility i.e. green space for our residents
  • A sink for waste, receiving all of the waste generated by our activity

2. Legal and regulatory framework

2.1 We will comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. We will ensure our suppliers and contractors are compliant

2.2 This includes continuing to submit data for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (we are currently tax exempt), ensuring all eligible buildings have Energy Performance Certificates, maintaining our waste in adherence with Controlled Waste Regulations and seeking to reduce significant environmental impacts such as pollution arising from our processes, operations and work activities.

3. Policy Statement we are committed to:

3.1 Maintaining an Environmental Management System
3.2 All of our homes, where feasible, having EPCs rated ‘D’ or above by 2020
3.3 Ensuring that our offices produce less than 85kg C02/m2/year by 2020
3.4 Ensuring that 0% of our office waste is going to landfill by 2020
3.5 Diverting at least 90% of our construction waste from landfill based on 2008 figures
3.6 Minimising the waste we generate
3.7 Regulating the environmental performance of our suppliers through our CSR Dashboard
3.8 Encouraging staff to commit to our Environmental Policy and CSR work

Victoria Keen, Director of L&Q Energy has overall management responsibility for this policy which is adopted by all departments. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and we will continue to identify ways that we can improve our environmental performance. For further information you can contact Victoria on 0300 456 9998 or email vkeen@lqgroup.org.uk. This policy will be communicated to all staff and a copy of this policy is available on our website www.lqenergysave.org.uk and on our staff intranet.

David Montague, Chief Executive