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Help reading your meter        
Help reading your meter

Here are six different kinds of meters and tips on how to read them


Pre-payment meter
Press blue button until you get a reading
which says kWh, this is your meter reading.

Digital meter
Read number. This example reads 56819.34

Read 1st number day/normal
Press red button. Read 2nd number night/low

Mechanical single rate meter
Read number from left to right. 

This example reads 99995.5

Mechanical dual rate meter
Read number for night/low.
This example reads 62330.4
Read number for day/normal.

This example reads 93140.9

Dial meter
Read dials from left to right. When the pointer
is between two numbers read the lower
number. If between 9 and 0, read 9.
This number reads 60169.1

Utilita meter
Press 9 once on the key pad and your meter reading will appear on the screen.


Heat meter
f you have a heat meter and you're not sure
 how to read it, please contact your billing
provider for more information. 

Important: On all meter readings it is very important to note where the decimal point ( . ) is. Sometimes the numbers after the decimal point are shown in red. Often the dot can be very small, so do check carefully!
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