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Save energy this Summer!        
Save energy this Summer!

Often you think about energy most in the colder months, however there’s plenty to be saved in summertime too. Here are our two big tips for saving energy in the summer.

1. Going on holiday?

Before you pack you bags and leave for a week or two, just think what will still be powered up in your house when you’ve closed the door and left. Taking a few minutes to switch stuff off before you go can make handsome savings while you’re away.

Things to do:
  • Switch off your hot water (why heat it up if you’re not using it ?)
  • Make sure lights are off  (including outside lights)
  • Unplug all the electronic kit you don’t need powered up (chargers, TV, etc)
  • If you don’t need it on, don’t forget to power off your modem / router (it uses as much as a light)
Do all these, and you’ll have saved enoughfor a several extra ice-creams while you’re away!

Another thing you can do to prevent accidental leakages is to switch off your water at the mains too. Often the tap is under the sink. This simple step can save devastation later…

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