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Stay warm this winter!        
Stay warm this winter!
As the cold settles in, we would like to help you stay warm and reduce your energy bill. Most households have at least one room thermostat in your property. These set the minimum temperature that you want a room to get to, so if it drops below this, the heating will switch on. 
If this room thermostat is located in a hallway then it should be set at 18°C and if it is in a habitable room, e.g. living room, then it should be set at 21°C. These temperatures represent what is considered to be a comfortable temperature to be stationary, e.g. watching TV.
An immediate saving you can make is to try having the thermostat 1 degree lower and doing other things to keep warm. Every degree you lower the thermostat by could save you up to £100 per year!
Many households will also have a programmer that accompanies your boiler and room thermostat; this allows you to control when your heating is on throughout the day. 

Most will have 4 simple settings:

·  Continuous – on all the time
·  Once – turns on at first on period, and turns off at last off period
·  Twice – set two periods per day when the heating will come on
·  Override – lets you temporarily change the pre-programmed settings for one of the programmed periods
We would recommend you use the ‘Twice’ programme to limit the amount of time your heating is on during the day. Because there is typically a 30-minute warm up and cool down period associated with each heating period, try setting up the below programmes and see how you get on:

1st heating period – set it to come on 30 minutes before you wake up and to turn off 30 minutes before you leave for work.
2nd heating period - turns on 30 minutes before you get home from work and turns off 30 minutes before you go to bed.
Following this programme will maximise the benefit you get from having your heating on whilst limiting the amount of time it has to be on during the day. Even saving half an hour on your heating everyday will add to significant savings over the course of winter!

And if you have a wood burner, this will of course help to heat your home as well. 

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