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Autumn tips!        
Autumn tips!
With the days getting a bit cooler now, make sure that you are prepared for the heating season that is on its way. Here are our 3 top tips on what to check in the run-up to autumn:
1. Check your heating

Chances are the heating hasn't been on over the summer, so switching it on for the first time may throw up some issues. Rather than be left chilly when you really need it, it is worth switching it on now to check all is running well. If there's a problem, get ahead of the game and call out someone to maintain it now, rather than join a long queue on the first really cold week, when plumbers diaries are completely full.
2. Keep the heat in
As the nights draw in, make a habit of drawing the curtains / blinds. Doing so can make a big difference to the amount heat that leaks out of your windows. Do it every day and your bills will be lower.
3. Keep drying clothes outside if you can
When it comes to drying clothes, the tumble dryer is an energy MONSTER ! It can double your electricity use on the days you use it. If you want to make massive savings and have some outside space, dry your clothes on a line or clothes rack. Even in winter you can get them pretty dry outside, and if they need to be "finished off" in the dryer, then at least it will be only running for a few minutes rather than a whole hour or more. In short, massive savings to be had from drying outside !
Happy saving !
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