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Change supplier

Why pay more?

You energy bill depends on two things:


Firstly, how much energy you use in your home.
You can reduce this by following all the EnergySave steps on the website.

Secondly, it depends on how much you are charged per unit of energy by your supplier.
Often people don’t challenge this, but it can be another great savings opportunity.


Why not see if you can get a better deal?

Here’s how to save:

  • Check what you pay
    Look at your bill and see what you pay per unit of energy. This will usually be in terms of pence per kWh (kilowatt hour) for electricity. Gas may be charged per cubic metre.
  • Compare your price to other deals out there
    There are a number of good websites that compile all the different rates available and present then online. Take a look to see what deals there are.
    Recommended energy-saving sites There are several sites offering better deals, but the most well known is www.uswitch.com, which lists a lot of the major suppliers.
  • Switch supplier
    It’s quite easy to switch these days. Just follow the instructions on the website. You will need to have a recent bill to hand with your connection details. Once done, you can sit back and enjoy the savings.



Why pay more than you need?

Electricity and gas come at all sorts of prices. Are you getting the best deal? Follow these tips to find out.


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