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Don’t waste heat

Here’s how to save:

  • 1. Insulation for the body
    Definitely the cheapest way to save. Put on more clothes when it is cold rather than turning up the temperature. Wearing another layer can easily save you 20-30% on your heating bill as you turn the temperature down.
  • 2. Room by room
    Do you need to heat the whole house? Can you turn down the heating in certain rooms and close the door? This can make a big difference.
  • 3. Draughts
    Draughts allow warm air to escape and cold air to come in. Block them up wherever you can. Feel round windows, doors and letterboxes, and block them up. Each draught blocked is money saved.
  • 4. Radiators
    If you have central heating radiators, they heat both the room and the wall. Putting radiator reflectors behind them can bring an extra 20% of heat back into the room.
  • 5. Insulation
    Insulation is like a blanket over the whole house. If you have poor insulation, your bills will be much higher than they need to be.
    Insulation is so important, that we have given it its own section:
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Make major savings

We spend a fortune keeping our homes warm. What’s worse, the prices seem to be rising all the time. If you can reduce your heating bills you will be making major savings.


  • Put on more clothes
  • Turn down the heating in certain rooms and close the door
  • Block the draughts
  • Insulation is so important