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Hot water

Savings on tap…

Here’s how to save:

  • Can you use cold?
    Hot water can cost five times as much as cold, so always ask if you can use cold instead.
  • Reduce use
    Baths and showers are the big users, so if you can have a shallower bath or shorter shower it will save every time. At full power, power-showers can use three times as much water as they would at low power. Save by simply turning it down.
  • Insulate your tank
    If you have a tank, make sure it is well wrapped up. Otherwise the heat will escape. You can get hot water tank jackets from DIY shops, and they pay for themselves very quickly.
  • Put the plug in
    When it costs so much, don’t let the hot water go straight down the drain. If you are doing washing up, putting the plug in will let things soak, making them easier to wash.



Money down the drain?

Whether you use gas or electricity, heating up water takes a huge amount of energy. If you use electricity, hot water will be costing three times more than gas.

If you want to save money, it makes sense to save as much hot water as possible.


  • Use cold if you can
  • Reduce use
  • Insulate your tank
  • Put the plug in