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Wrap up your home

Here’s how to save:

  • Insulate the roof
    Hot air rises – and leaks straight out of the roof. In fact a house can lose a third of its heat this way if it is not insulated. It is the single biggest step you can take to cutting your heating bill
    We recommend 27cm of insulation (about a foot). How much does your house have?
    If you would like yours upgraded, contact L&Q here for information
  • Insulate walls
    Walls can lose another quarter of your home’s heat. But certain walls can be fitted with cavity wall Insulation. Find out if L&Q can help.
  • Curtains
    Windows let heat leak out when it’s cold. Drawing the curtains goes a long way to slowing this leak. Drawing curtains every night will save you money.
  • Draughts
    Check around window, doors and letter boxes for any draughts. Each one blocked up is money saved.



Stop heat leaking out

The one thing that all houses can benefit from is improving their insulation. We pay a fortune heating our homes, but did you know that we lose most of that heat (and money) straight out of the roof or the walls?

The way to stop this loss is by insulation.


  • Insulate the roof
  • Insulate the walls
  • Draw the curtains
  • Check around windows for draughts