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Help your fridge save money

Here’s how to save:

  • Keep it away from the oven or radiator
    If yours is next to a big heat source it will have to work many times harder, using much more electricity and probably burning out more quickly. Move it somewhere less extreme to save.
  • Keep the sun off it
    If direct sunlight falls on your fridge, it will need to work harder. Even the British sun has a lot warming power in it. Either shade your fridge or move it somewhere shadier.
  • Keep hot out
    If you put heat into the fridge, it will have to work harder to cool it down. So if you let a hot dish cool down first before putting it in, you’ll use less electricity.
    The same goes for opening the door. The more warm air that gets in the fridge the harder it will work – so keep the door shut.
  • Defrost it
    Not much fun, but defrosting a fridge freezer will help it operate more efficiently, saving you money.
  • Be the best
    When it’s time to get a new fridge or freezer, make sure you go for the ones with the very best energy rating. This will then give you a lifetime of savings, and cushion you against rising electricity prices.

Working all the time

Fridges and freezers constantly work away to keep your food cool and fresh. They are basically heat-removal machines.

The amount of electricity they use depends on how much heat they are trying to remove. And there’s a lot you can do to help them.


  • Keep hot things out of the fridge
  • Keep fridge door shut as much as possible
  • Defrost fridge once a year / clean dust off back radiator
  • Keep fridge away from oven / radiator
  • Shield fridge from direct sunshine