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Tea-time savings

Here’s how to save:

  • Boil just what you need
    Boiling up a litre uses exactly twice the electricity as boiling up half a litre. So just boil what you need. Just make sure the element is fully covered.
  • How much is a cupful?
    Some kettles have a cup-guide on the side. It is worth checking how these compare to your actual cups, and just fill up with what you need.
  • Refill after
    The kettle retains a lot of heat after you’ve made your tea. You can use this heat by filling up with fresh water straight after pouring. The kettle heat will be stored in the water and help the next boil. You can save about 25% each time you do this.
  • Eco-kettles
    The latest ones don’t boil the water, but only heat it to 85 C. Still hot enough for most drinks, and saving a lot of energy.

Did you know…?

The kettle is one of the highest-powered devices in the home? When they’re on, they can use between 1,500 and 3,000 watts. That’s many times more than all the lights in the house!


  • Always boil just what you need
  • Refill kettle with a cupful after pouring