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Oven savings

Here’s how to save:

  • See if there are other ways to cook first:
    • The microwave is five to ten times more efficient if you can use it instead
    • Can you use a slow cooker or the hob – or even the grill?
  • Use the smaller oven
    If you have a top and bottom oven, use the smaller one if practical. It will use less energy.
  • If you are grilling, some grills let you power up one side only. This saves half the electricity.
  • Keep the door shut. Every time you open the door it wastes heat. If the seals are leaking around the door, it is worth getting them replaced.



Did you know…?

Cooking a meal in the oven can easily be a quarter of a day’s electricity use.

Along with the tumble-dryer, the oven is the most energy-hungry appliance in the house. It is high-powered and used a lot, so adds a lot to the bills.


  • The microwave is five to ten times more efficient
  • Use the smaller oven
  • Keep the door shut