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Keep a lid on it!

Here’s how to save:

  • Heat the minimum
    It takes loads of energy to warm water, so just heat the minimum. If you boil the peas in 250 ml of water rather than a litre, you will be using four times less energy. Well worth saving!
  • Heat the pan, not the room
    Make sure you use the right sized hob, so that all the heat is going into the pan. If you use gas, don’t let the flames lick up the sides of the pan – concentrate them on the bottom.
  • Lids
    Lids massively reduce the heat being lost in a pan. Think of the lid like the roof of your pan. So put on a lid, and turn down the heat.
  • The bonus benefit
    If you put a lid on, there will be less steam in the kitchen. This means you won’t have to open a window or put on the extractor fan. Both of these save you more energy!

It might look like it’s off, but…

A lot of electronics have a standby mode. This means the device is actually still using power.


  • Cover pan with a lid
  • Use as little water as possible
  • Use right-sized pan for the hob