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Washing up

Clean up and save

Here’s how to save:

  • Do washing up in big batches
    Pile things in the sink and do a big wash up when it’s full. Letting dirty things soak in cold water will make them easier to clean.
  • Put the plug in
    Don’t let the precious hot water go straight down the drain!
  • Use a sink bowl
    This will reduce the amount of water you need to run.

What about dishwashers?

Dishwashers can in fact be as energy-efficient as doing it by hand, but ONLY if you fill them full and run them efficiently.



  • Only run with a full load
  • Use the eco-setting if it has one (lower temperature wash makes a big difference)
  • Get the best rated machine. The best ones use less than 1kWh of electricity per wash.



Did you know…?

Running the hot tap can cost five times more than running the cold.

Hot water is a big energy cost. So it makes sense to use hot water as efficiently as possible.


  • Do washing up in big batches
  • Put the plug in
  • Use a sink bowl
  • Only run dishwashers with a full load
  • Use the eco-setting