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Big savings with drying laundry

Tumble driers guzzle electricity
Tumble dryers guzzle electricity

Here's how to save

  • Always give your clothes an extra spin before drying – spinning is a very a cheap way of getting extra water out. (Do check that the clothes are OK to be spun first though.)
  • Instead of using costly electricity, air-dry your laundry. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by drying your clothes on a line.

Three top washing line tips

  • Check the weather forecast for the best drying days and plan your washing.
    • Wind: A breeze really speeds up drying.
    • Sun: The more sun on the clothes, the faster they dry.
  • Place your washing line to get maximum sunlight.
  • Peg things out so they billow out like sails, making sure the breeze will dry both sides at once.

Would you like to save £100 per each year ?

A tumble-dryer load can cost 60p. Doing three loads per week means you are spending £100 per each year.

Remember: If you are drying indoors ensure good ventilation. The bathroom is a good place to dry. You can run the extractor fan for a fraction of the electricity required for tumble drying. Just make sure you shut the bathroom door to keep the rest of the house warm and dry.